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What to wear on an autumn walk
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13 September 2022

What to wear on an autumn walk

Autumn is a wonderful time for walking. The air is crisp, the leaves are crunchy beneath your feet and the British countryside comes alive with a kaleidoscope of colours.

Weather wise, autumn can be an unpredictable season with it warm and sunny one day, and cold and wet the next. Thankfully, Cosyfeet has a range of footwear to ensure you’re properly dressed for every eventuality.


Designed for more challenging conditions, are our waterproof styles, Minnie High-PerformanceMoose High-Performance and Maisie High-Performance, which have a special ‘self-clearing’ tread that works extremely well in mud, ice and snow. The deep cleats and heel profile provide good grip, so the footwear is very stable when you’re walking on uneven surfaces.


Moose High‑PerformanceMoose High‑Performance


We’ve also got some stylish boots that are perfect for strolling on milder days. Our new style, Mimi, features a double zip-fastening for ultra-easy access; while our ultra-comfy boots Martha and Megan are available in some fabulous new autumnal colours.


Mimi, Martha and MeganMimi, Martha and Megan


For men, we have our soft and comfy leather boot, Alex. Perfect for those cooler autumn walks. With a deep toe area, and stitching that can’t be felt from the inside, it’s ideal if you have a hammer toe or bunion, providing blissful comfort for your feet.




Alternatively, Scott offers 100% waterproof protection along with all-round cushioning and a hardwearing, cleated sole that’s ideal for walking. This premium waxed, leather boot is also windproof and breathable, ensuring feet stay comfy, warm and dry.




To shop our full collection of footwear, click here.


If you need some extra support, why not look at our walking collection which includes hiking poles, rollators and walking sticks.